Whether you need a full packing service or pack your belongings yourself, Greenway Texas have a wide variety of professional moving boxes and packing material to assure a safe trip to your house hold goods.

For your convenience, we can provide those materials in advance. You can pick them up from our warehouse or we can deliver them to you. Also, packing materials are available for purchase on any of our trucks. Moving Boxes, Supplies & Material:
Small Box (Book Box)
16”x12”x12” – 1.5 Cubic Feet
Small boxes are ideal for small and heavy items such as books, DVDs, CDs, small kitchen 
Medium Box (Linen Box)
18”x18”x16.5” – 3.0 Cubic Feet
Medium boxes are good for packing clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, heavy items that will not fit in a small box can be packed in medium boxes (without filling the whole box)
Large Box
24”x18”x18” – 4.5 Cubic Feet
Large boxes are used to pack large, light items such as toys, blankets, pillows
China Box (Dish Pack)
18”x18”x28” – 5.1 Cubic Feet
China boxes are used to pack china, glassware, pots & pans, and assorted breakables using bubble wrap or white paper. They can also be used to pack lamp shades, small statues and vases.
Picture Box (Mirror box)
Picture boxes are large, flat boxes used for packing pictures, mirrors, framed documents and small flat glass pieces.20”x20”x45” – 10 Cubic Feet
Wardrobe Box   
Wardrobe boxes are designed to hold hanging cloths, suits and coats. It has a metal bar in order to store the cloths with hanger like in a regular closet. You can fit approximately a foot and a half of closet space into each box. The bottom of the box can be used for shoes boots or small plastic bags.
Also Wardrobe boxes can be used without the bar for exceptionally large items or be filled with loose items.
Lamp Box
12”x12”x40” – 4 Cubic Feet
Made to pack lamps using bubble wrap, the box is designed so you can combine two boxes for tall lamps. Also can be used for tall/long items.55yd in each roll
Professional Tape used to close and secure the boxes and wrap moving pads around furniture.
White Paper
Roll of 30. lbs
White Wrapping paper is used to individually wrap small fragile items such as glass, dishes, small statues etc’… and to pad the bottom of dish packs in order to provide a cushion between the items packed in one box.
Bubble Wrap
(Sold per ft. – 2 ft wide)
Used to protect fragile items or fragile parts of furniture, when pack in boxes or wrapped with pads.

Greenway Texas Packing Materials

Shrink Wrap
Such as mirrors, glass, small statues, front of TVs etc’…Shrink wrap is used to protect furniture from scratches and dust. Shrink wrap is recommended for long term storage and to wrap furniture with sensitive finish such as refrigerator, metal furniture etc’…
Mattress Covers
Mattress covers are large plastic bags designed to fit a mattress or a box spring to protect them from dust and dirt during the travel in the truck.
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