1. What services this company offers to me?
- We are specialized in long distance move, local move Home and Business Moving. Not only moving  your items, but we also offer Packing service, Packing materials and Deliveries.
2. Which areas do Greenway Texas Cover?
- Our standard price list covers Houston and the surrounding areas, but we also arrange jobs within the state of Texas and will move you anywhere in the United States or abroad.
3. What are Greenway Texas working hours?
- We work 7 days a week 24/7.
4. How much notice do I have to give before the moving day?
- If you are moving the whole house, you should book the service about 2 weeks in advance. Moving of single items can be arranged short notice.
5. What is the best date for moving?
- It is often advised to avoid moving during summer time period as moving companies are very busy at this time. Nevertheless, at Greenway Texas  we believe you should move whenever it is most convenient for you. There are many details that must be taken into consideration, e.g. children’s school transfer or work duties.
6. Are my belongings insured while in the vehicle?
- Yes, movers are responsible for the items when they are moving them. We have all equipment needed to assure secure move. The fragile items will be wrapped and tide. However, should something happen, we provide insurance in transit for up to $10.000.
7. Can your movers help me with packing?
- Yes, we provide packing service and packing materials. If you need help with packing, please arrange it in advance.
8. Can I do the packing myself?
- Some people prefer to organize and pack their own belongings themselves. You can purchase all packing materials you would need from Greenway Texas and we will deliver them to your door.
9. Can movers disagree to pack any of my items? I mean very precious, very large?
- Yes, it may happen if you have an item that requires unique packing materials or packing techniques and you did not arrange it in advance.
10. Do I need to pay for a Parking place ?
- Yes, customer is responsible for arranging a parking space.
11. Is the packing services included in moving service price?
- No, there is different price for packing and for moving.
12. How long does the moving take?
- There is no average time! Each moving is different. It all depends on the amount and kind of items you are moving, time of loading and unloading, weather conditions, etc. But if you need an estimate, our team will ask you to fill in a form with the list of items you need to pack or move.
13. What payment method does Greenway Texas accept?
- You can pay in cash or major credit card. Local moves should be paid in full prior to unloading at second destination. Long distance or out of state moves are booked with a 10% deposit and 60% payment upon pickup and remaining balance collected upon delivery.
14. Do you charge the same price in every part of Houston?
- Yes, we have a price list for moving services charged at hourly rates or fixed rates for all areas of Houston. Just give us a call or send an email for a quote. Our charges start from your pick up address and finish at you destination address once the job is finished.
15. How does Greenway Texas protect fragile items, clothes and other delicate things?
- All Greenway Texas packers are professionally trained and use special cartons for each kind of items you may have: wardrobe boxes, boxes for books, etc. You can also purchase packing materials and removal boxes if you wish to do packing on your own. All our vans are in very good condition, very clean and fully equipped (trolleys, ropes, blankets, tools, etc.)
16. What if something bad happens during the move?
- We pride ourselves for high quality service. We spend time to plan well every single move and discuss the details with our clients. However, if there is anything that our clients do not like during the move, it can be sorted by a simple phone call to our moving customer service or even an email can be sent to info@greenwaytexas.com. If it happens the manager will take care of your complaint and contact you shortly
17. Is Greenway Texas registered?
- Certainly! All moving companies in the United States must be registered. When choosing the moving company it is worth checking it though.
18. Do my appliances have any special requirement for moving?
- Many appliances need servicing before moving and require safety. Gas appliances must be serviced and disconnected. Remember that, the client is responsible for checking which appliances need servicing!
19. Do you have workers who speak different languages in case I need help?
- There are many people from different countries working in our company. Please, ask on the phone or by email if it would be possible to speak your language.
20. How can I book a service?
- You can do it on the phone or by filling in the form on our website called “Booking Form”. Our customer service team we will contact you to confirm your booking.
21. What if I book and I will change my mind or my moving will be delayed?
- We charge booking fee of 10% upfront to make sure the van is booked for the time you requested. If you change your mind you must inform us 72 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will loose your deposit.
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